Gifted Support Program

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The Gifted Support Program at the Intermediate Elementary School, a.k.a. "TIGERS", offers to identified students an enhanced learning program in academic areas as well as the opportunity to research and develop independent study projects.  

The Gifted Support Program is now in full swing at the Intermediate school.  Challenge reading, differentiated math, enrichment, problem-solving and independent study/research classes have all begun.

Students should be keeping any or all gifted support assignments in their assignment books, or by method of their own choosing, on a daily basis.


Assignments can be expected regularly in Challenge Reading.  This is an in-place-of class which is a graded area requiring homework preparation and studying for quizzes and tests.


Differentiated math is mainly managed in school, during allotted math time, so at this point there is little outside work.  However, this will change as learning contracts begin, which require some outside-of-school efforts.  Students are identified for differentiated math on a chapter-by-chapter basis, most commonly, and given alternative math work to complete.  Learning contracts will involve students in more in-depth projects/long-range topics which develop ideas and products in fuller depth and breadth.




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